Steve Veatch
Left: Confluence
December 2014
Water soluble oil paint, oil paint, acrylic, 23kt gold leaf, glitter. enamel
48" x 72"

I want, need, love, loathe and fear people. These are the axes upon which my work turns.

Above is the best condensation in words of the content of my work that I presently can think of.

Why do I make art? Not because I'm good at it. Not because I think I'm good at it. But because it simply must be. Because it is a manifestation of our being here. Because, fraught with meaning, it nourishes us and validates that zone of interaction with the world and our inner life: intersubjectivity.

I distinguish that motivation from what I want as an artist, which is the usual: recognition and confirmation. And, as an army marches on its stomach, money fuels the project. It is a means to the end, not the end.

I admit that I loathe artist statements, or at least mine. I shun inflated Pomo nonsense, but I sometimes wonder if I will be obliged to write fluff to play the game of seeming to be brilliant and au courant. Who started this damn idea anyway? I'd like to hear your opinion. All or most of the greats from the past didn't need them. Bacon, Van Gogh, Delacroix et al had a lot to say otherwise in their writings or quotes.

"Either you get it or you don't.", to paraphrase Cy Twombly. Not being a churl here: it simply is what it is.