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Above: Confluence
December 2014
Water soluble oil paint, oil paint, acrylic, 23 karat gold leaf, glitter, enamel
48" x 72

I want, need, love, loathe, like and fear people. These are the axes upon which my work turns.

Above is the best condensation in words of the content of my work that I presently can think of.

Why do I make art? Not because I'm good at it. Not because I think I'm good at it. But because it simply must be. Because it is a manifestation of our being here. Because, fraught with meaning, it nourishes us and validates that zone of interaction with the world and our inner life: intersubjectivity.

I distinguish that motivation from what I want as an artist, which is the usual: recognition and confirmation. And, as an army marches on its stomach, money fuels the project. It is a means to the end, not the end.

"Either you get it or you don't.", to paraphrase Cy Twombly. Not being a churl here: it simply is what it is.-Steve Veatch