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1950's movie still-orange portrait woman-water soluble oil paint-by Steve Veatch
Oil, water soluble oils, oil based pencil on canvas
14" x 11"

An old geezer bought the farm and I, indirectly, inherited some of his art supplies. His oil paints were so old that they were in lead tubes, many with metal caps. They were likely made long before bar codes, which came along in the early seventies.

Among them was a tube of a gorgeous Cadmium scarlet-orange. I can tell you that its quality was top. I then sketched out the figure's head with an oil based pencil.

On top of this old, venerable stuff is modern water soluble oils. I experimented by spraying water on the wet paint, which then began to dissolve and behave much like water media, but dried in the same way that oils do with no saturation loss and with little change to patterns.

Taken from an early fifties movie still. Jean is cast in time like Lot's wife, Edith.